Recently, the Board of Directors (BOD) removed the traditional incentive of 10% discount on the tuition fees of any student that pays his/her school fees before school resumption. This action generated a lot of mixed reactions from parents and many were clamouring for the return of this kind gesture.

After several deliberations and consultations, the BOD has decided to show a high sense of responsibility by listen to the clamours from our highly esteemed parents hence the reason for this unprecedented partnering referral program for the benefit of all and sundry.


Micfis International School over time, has built a house hold name for herself that is next to nothing in the palace of academia junta. Our products over time, has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the school has all it takes to deliver an excellent and unequivocal educational services at an affordable fees in a very serene and magnificent environment.

Our state of the earth educational equipments, international standard laboratories, seasoned teachers and instructors among others, display the heritage and exceptional quality the school is made up of and can offer.

How the referral program works:

To qualify for this referral incentive, you must be able to introduce the school to a prospective parent and ensure they enroll their wards into the school. This can be done through words of mouth by sharing the impacts the school has made on your child.

You can also support this testimony through many of our digital materials such as e-fliers, short video clips (which are readily available at your request) or by directing them to our School website (www.micfisinternationalschool.com) and social media handles or pages respectively.

To ensure proper monitoring of your prospects, the school management has also designed a referral link on your child web page on the school portal which can be shared on all social media platforms. And If you are in doubt of your child’s log in details on the school portal, you can private chat the school Business Manager who is readily available for your enquiries.

Note that this referral link is designed to ascertain the first parent to successfully win a prospects for the school and to provide a platform for transparency in monitoring reward plan as you convert prospect to the school from your child’s web page without any ambiguity, complexity or argument.

This initiative, I believe will go a long way to cushion the effect of the hardship that school fees payment pose to parents in this harsh economy.
For an easy and indisputable extra income, a very astute and hardworking parent can make so much money from this program that can defray his/her child school fees for the whole session with no ado.

No doubt, this is a welcome development, tailored to alleviate stress in school fees payment for our indefatigable parents.

Kindly accept my esteemed regards as we all key into this laudable initiative from the BOD of our great citadel of learning.

Micfis parents! ….Flying high!!

Michael Famuyiwa, Chairman, Micfis International School

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